Help Create Families

Help fulfill parenthood dreams for the 60 to 80 million people worldwide struggling with infertility and other obstacles that stand in their way.

The Aim of This Program

At least 1 in 8 people suffer from infertility problems in the USA, which doesn’t include those with medical or biological limitations preventing them from starting their family. Thankfully, assisted reproductive technologies such as IVF with donor eggs, and surrogacy programs have brought new hope to these couples and individuals longing to become parents.

However, these family building options require the assistance of a third person, an Egg Donor, or a Gestational Carrier (Gestational Surrogate) to help them achieve their goal. If you know someone compassionate and willing to help others complete their family, be generously rewarded financially and emotionally for referring them to us.

With our Help Create Families initiative, you can contribute to thousands of people’s parenthood dreams and earn ample rewards along the way. There is no cost to participate in the program or limit what you can earn by referring.

Family Building Partner Program

As a Family Building Partner, you can help these hopeful parents find their perfect Surrogate Mother and benefit from referring other Family Building Partners to join the program.

Your role is to build awareness about surrogacy and refer potential candidates to fill out the application to see if they qualify. You will find value from your day-to-day interactions and conversations, helping others learn more about becoming a Surrogate or helping spread the word as a partner.

As your candidate passes through the screening process, you will be rewarded with the amounts accordingly. For each successful applicant completing the screening process you will earn $1000 in three payment milestones. You can reach the first milestone of $200 as quickly as 2 weeks of your referral submitting her application.

Build Your Team

You can expand your income by building a team of FBPs and earn $25 for each accepted application they receive for the first 90 days and $100 for every final Surrogate clearance they receive for as long as they are in the program. If someone doesn’t meet the requirements, or if you think someone is not a good fit for becoming a Surrogate, introduce them to the Family Building Program and let them join your team. As they refer candidates to us, you will earn money from each successful referral.

Since there are no restrictions to how many candidates you can refer or how big your team can be, the earning potential is limitless.

Who Can Join the Program ?

Egg Donor Referral Program

As a member of the Lucina Referral Program, you will refer young, potential Egg Donor candidates who are ready to help the above mentioned Intended Parents. Once they sign up using your referral link, they will be able to immediately apply to see if they qualify. If they have questions or need help, we will explain the details to them and take care of the rest of the process.

For every successful referral, you will earn $800 and there is no limit to how many candidates you can refer. This is a great opportunity for anyone looking for some extra income.