Refer Surrogates

Recommend potential Surrogates.

Earn $1,000 / successful referral.

About the Program

As our Surrogate Referral Partner, you will refer potential Surrogate Mothers to us. Surrogate Mothers are healthy, compassionate women who agree to carry the pregnancy for other hopeful parents who are unable to carry a pregnancy themselves.

Once your referred candidate is accepted into our program, they are generously compensated and you will be rewarded. This is an amazing opportunity to give the gift of life and earn yourself in return.

U.S. Residents who are 18+ can participate in our Surrogate Referral Program!

Earning Prospects

Direct Referral

Payment is broken into three milestones to ensure better earning opportunities.

Milestone #1

Earn $200 when your referred Surrogate passes their first screening milestone of OB clearance.

Milestone #2

Get the second reward of $300 when your referred candidate passes preliminary screening.

Milestone #3

The remaining payment of $500 is rewarded when your referred candidate passes the final medical screening.

Team Referral

Increase earnings by recruiting other Surrogate Referral Partners in your team.

Recruit Team

If you know someone who would like to become an FBP with us, ask them to join the program through your unique referral link.

Team Referral Bonus

For each successful Surrogate referred by your team, you will earn $25 for each accepted application they submit for the first 90 days.  For each successful Surrogate applicant referred by your team that receives Medical clearance, you will receive a $100 bonus.

How to Get Started !

That's superb easy!

Setup Dashboard

Get familiar with the dashboard. Personalize it by entering your details. This is where you will get helpful resources and see info about your referral status, rewards and updates.

Refer and Earn

Start referring prospective surrogates right away through your unique referral link and have your candidates sign up. You can use any media platform you wish for promotions.

Monthly Incentives !!


Recruiter of the Month Bonus


Active Referrals Bonus

(15 applications per month)

We Got Your Back

The support team is always standing by to help you.

We frequently publish promotional resources to help you grow.


We are always standing by on live chat to help you if you are stuck anywhere. You can also reach our program coordinator through email.


We offer ready-to-use banners, social media posts, text SMS, videos and much more that you can directly use for promotion.


Join our dedicated Facebook group and get in touch with other Surrogate Referral Partners.


We ensure you get complete credit for all your referrals. All your referrals are tracked through our digital app.

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