The Story of Help Create Families

We started with the mission
to help Intended Parents realize their dream of having a baby.

What We Do

Help Create Families started with the aim of helping Intended Parents find their ideal Surrogate and/or Egg Donor. For that, we joined hands with independent referral partners. These referral partners help us reach out to compassionate women who are ready to become Surrogate Mothers and Egg Donors. 

Our Surrogates and Egg Donors are handsomely rewarded for their contribution and the referral partners are handsomely rewarded. Through all this endeavor, the Intended Parents fulfill their long desire to have a baby. 

Why We Started

Statistics show there are so many hopeful parents stuck with fertility problems. We decided to step up and make a difference! 

We designed the referral program because we recognized that individual connection could be the key to reach out compassionate women and educating them on how they can help. Once your referred Surrogates and Egg Donors sign up with us, we take the process to the next stage. We enable them to help a family have a child and be rewarded in the process.

1 in 8 couples affected by infertility worldwide

186 million individuals face pregnancy 
complications globally

The use of infertility treatment is increasing 5-10% per year

More than 16,000 Intended Parents are seeking Egg Donors in the U.S. alone

More than 25,000 Intended Parents are seeking Surrogates and Egg Donors worldwide

Why Your Contribution Matters

We have created an extensive network of compassionate people who share with the people they meet or already know about the opportunity of becoming Surrogates or Egg Donors. For their contribution, these referral partners earn financial rewards and bonuses.

You too can become a part of this benevolent effort by joining our programs and help hopeful parents realize their dreams.

Achievements We are Proud of

Join Family Building Program

  • Refer compassionate women to become Surrogates with us
  • Earn $1,000 per successful referral - your candidate earns $60,000+
  • Build team of Family Building Partners and earn $100 for their successful referrals
Learn More

Join Lucina Referral Recruiter

  • Refer compassionate women to become Egg Donors with us
  • Earn $800 per successful referral - your candidate earns $8,000+
Learn More

Meet Our Top Earning Recruiters

Tamara Merchiko

Tamara Merchiko

Earned $300

Michael Worder

Michael Worder

Earned $450

Olga Izamilova

Olga Izamilova

Earned $20 000

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