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What Prompted Us to Take This Initiative

Help Create Families started with the aim of enabling Intended Parents to start or grow their family using third-party reproduction and make their dreams of parenthood a reality. For that, they require the generous help of Egg Donors and Surrogates to begin the family building process.

This is where our referral program steps in. We recognized that individual connection could be the key to reaching and educating these compassionate women. As you refer your Surrogate and Egg Donor candidates to us, we take the process to the next stage and enable them to help a family have a child and be rewarded in the process.

We have created an extensive network of compassionate and eager people who share with the people they meet or already know the opportunity to help families by becoming Surrogates or Egg Donors, refer them to us, and earn gratifying and financially rewarding bonuses in the process. You too can become a part of this benevolent effort and join us to help hopeful parents realize their dreams.

Our referral program is like none other. The earning potential here is simply limitless and it’s the most stress free process you would find. Anyone and everyone in the U.S. can join. You can start making good income as easily as by talking to people. You can simply start by informing your family and friends about the program. Here are your earning prospects:

As a Family Building Partner

Refer prospective women who are healthy and willing to become a Surrogate and earn $1,000 reward for the successful referral. Click the button to learn the details of the program.

By Creating a Team of Family Building Partners

Tell people about becoming a Family Building Partner with us and create your own team. Earn from each successful referral made by your team members and keep growing.

Get the details by clicking on the button.

As a Lucina Referral Recruiter

Refer young and healthy women who are ready to help others become parents by donating eggs. The egg donation process is fast – there’s no wait time to donate – absolutely safe. Earn rewards for each successful Egg Donor referral you make.

Learn the details by clicking on the button. 

HCF Advantage

There’s no catch here! You can join the program without any cost and start earning right away. Moreover, you don’t need to be an expert and explain everything to your candidates. We will do that on your part. All you have to do is have them sign up with us.

For any questions or assistance, our team is always there by your side. Chat with now over live chat or select an option (or both) below to get started.