How to Find Your Niche Audience and Attract Them

The phrase “nice audience” refers to a subgroup of a large market audience with specific needs that can be met with a particular product or service.

As a network marketer, it’s good to understand niche in order to know the needs of your potential customers and help business owners develop new ideas for their products based on the customers’ preferences and needs. This will also help you find the right way to get in touch with your target audience for more engagement.

Tips For Finding A Niche Audience

When venturing into any business, the first rule is to know your potential customers. Understanding your customers will help lay the foundation for a successful business as it will impact your content, advertising, and product development. In fact, it will influence all aspects of the company. However, choosing a niche to focus on can be difficult. You will probably be tempted to go broad in order not to lose out on prospects, but such an approach will only result in what we refer to as “spray and pray marketing.” It means sending irrelevant messages to large audiences hoping that something will happen. When you try to sell to everybody, you might find out that you actually sell to nobody. Niche marketing is a more effective approach, and it is a strategy that concentrates on a particular target audience.

Here are some tips you can follow to find that ideal niche.

1. Think About Interests and Passion

What is that hobby you are very passionate about? Is there a skill you are proficient in? Spend time to ponder on these areas that you are interested in as possible niche market ideas. Here are the questions to kick start your brainstorming?

  • How do you like to spend your free time?
  • What skills are you naturally good at?
  • Do your family members, friends, or partners often seek your advice on a particular topic?
  • How do you solve problems?
  • What topics do you like to know about?

2. Figure Out Customers’ Problems And Needs

Once you have some business ideas in mind, think about the issues experienced by your potential customers and how your interest or passion can help solve them. What will motivate your prospects to buy or use a service? It is important to research your prospects to know their buying habits and the issues they are facing. Fortunately, there are several tools that can help you understand your customer’s personality. With this, you will have a clearer picture of how your business can offer value to your niche audience.

3. Check Out The Competition

You need to research your potential competitors before investing your time and energy in any business. Even if you have a promising product idea, it is crucial to know how many others businesses you will be competing against. Here are some websites you can go to for your competitive research

  • Google Keyword Planner
  • Google Trends
  • Amazon
  • ClickBank

4. Determine Your Niche And Its Profitability

When choosing a business to commit your time and resources to, you want to make sure it is profitable. Consider the following factors when deciding the niche you will be focusing on:

  • Customer location
  • Customer demographics
  • Customer values and interests
  • Product quality
  • Price

If you research the market and find similar products but only a few companies offering them, then it is possible that your idea will be profitable. Check the prices your competitors are selling their products so that you can offer a competitive price. Websites like Amazon (for products) and G2 (for software) are great resources when you are researching your competitor’s pricing and setting the prices for your products or services.

5. Test Your Product or Service

Set up a business website or landing page to allow customers to find you and give out samples or offer a trial period for your product or service. You don’t want to spend too much during this initial test period, but you may invest in paid ads to bring traffic to your site. Register on crowdfunding websites to check if people are ready to invest in your products. Aside from helping you get the money for the business, crowdfunding will also help you pitch the product to potential customers. Don’t give up on your idea if the test is not as expected. Start all over again to find out the areas where you can improve your marketing or product.

6. Dig Deep

One way to understand your target audience is by asking for honest customer feedback. This can give you the opportunity to know your customers’ demographics and ask crucial questions about them, such as:

  • Where do your customers live?
  • What is their age?
  • Are they single or market?
  • How many children do they have?
  • Who do they reside with?
  • What is their average income?
  • How are they buying your product? What is their profession?
  • What are their interests or hobbies?

7. Ask Yourself

Is my audience easy to reach? Try to find out if your potential customers are easily accessible. Where are you going to place your ads to ensure that you reach all your target customers? Fortunately, you will be able to access the majority of your audience when you know where they spend most of their time online.

For example, you can still find the Millennials and Generation X on Facebook, but Snapchat is more popular among Generation Z. So, if your target audience is teenagers, you may want to choose Snapchat for branding and adverts instead of Facebook. When you know where your prospective customers “hang out” online, you can then launch marketing campaigns that get your brand message in front of your audience.

8. Figure Out What Your Audience Wants

Aside from locating them online, you also need to make sure you are giving your audience exactly what they want. What type of advertising will arouse their interest? What benefits and features do they want in your product? You will have to talk to your potential customers to know the answer to these important questions. One good way to collect this information is by conducting customer surveys. This will give you the chance to ask previous customers questions about your brand. In addition to this, you may also conduct research on social media to know what people think about your product and services.

You can also get valuable insights from your Twitter account and Facebook page. It shows you the tweets and posts that your followers and fans like the most. You may carry out Twitter and Facebook polls to know what your customers think about your brand or product. Since these are anonymous polls, your customers will have no reason to hold anything from you!

9. Reflect On Your Decision

Now that you have decided on who your target audiences are, you need to ask yourself how sure you are about your decision. It is crucial to ponder on this to ensure that you have made the right choice.

At times, you may find it difficult to evaluate your own decisions. So you want to ask other members of your team for their honest opinions. Firstly, you need to check whether there are many people who meet the criteria of your ideal target audience. It is always good to have a niche audience, but you may not have many people to advertise your product or service to if the niche is too small. And this means that you will have problems increasing sales and generating revenues.

You need to be sure that your offer will benefit your audience before you start marketing it to them. Having a product or service that will interest your potential customers is not just enough. Your offer must have a particular benefit to keep your audience interested in it.

Who are Niche Audiences in HCF and How Do You Find Them?

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Finding a niche audience can help ensure that your network marketing efforts do not go in vain. However, it is important to know that there’s no particular way to find your target audience. You just have to do your research, identify your customers’ needs, and make the right decision.

Knowing why and how to determine your niche audience is a necessary skill for every network marketer. It saves you money, gives you an edge against the competition, and helps you make more profit.

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