Following Up Is the Key in Network Marketing

The secret to scaling up any business today is through effective follow-up, and this is particularly true for the network marketing business. However, following up with your potential client is not an easy thing to do. It takes a lot of courage to get in touch again when you consider the risk of being turned down. That’s why it is important to present your offer without appearing too pushy.

Follow-up is something you may want to avoid when you think about the number of things that could go wrong. But that would be a huge mistake, especially if you are in the business of network marketing. In fact, follow-up is an absolute must if you are asking people to become part of your network, and we will talk more about this below. And hopefully, this article will change your view on following up with prospects because it is not something to fear but a good opportunity that can do wonders for your business.

Why Follow-Up Is Important

One advantage of a follow-up is that it gets your potential client thinking about joining your network again. It gives you the chance to present your offer, so they are considering it again. Following up regularly also provides customers with the opportunity to speak their minds and engage efficiently. You also get the chance to ask prospects “what exactly they want or anticipate from you.” Modern-day customers want a way to communicate with the company, and following up helps make this communication possible.

Note: you need to seek your customer’s attention if you want them to concentrate on your offer.

Effective Follow-up Strategies

A Follow-up Creates Trust

If you are able to get a customer to do what you ask of them at the first meeting, well done! However, you will realize that not all customers are like that. Some are a bit reluctant. They need to give it a thought first or speak to their family about it. The reason is that people usually get in business with you based on their level of trust in you.

Regular follow-ups enhance that trust between you and your customers, making them feel at ease. You also get another chance to answer the questions they may have about your offer and tell them what is in it for them.

A follow-up allows you to have more engagement time with the individual, making the relationship stronger. And the more trust your prospect has in you, the more likely they are to join your network. Following up will help you create that much-needed trust. Network marketing will be more difficult when you don’t have the trust of your prospects.

It Lets You Know About The Prospect

Have you ever asked yourself, what happens to a particular prospect? Do they wish to sign up? Are they not interested in joining your network? Rather than bothering yourself or taking a wrong guess, follow up with the customer? A follow-up allows to you get important information about him or her. If the prospect shows interest but is reluctant, then you can begin to on him. However, if you find out that the individual is just not interested, leave them alone and concentrate on the other leads. You won’t know the right thing to do unless you follow up and know more about the prospect.

A follow-up helps you know whether you should continue working on a prospect or just move ahead.

A Follow-up Is A Promising Lead

Let’s assume you have these two options:

  1. The first option: Follow up with the person who said he wanted to join the previous day
  2. The second option: begin to talk to new people about your offer

Which option do you think is more promising? Of course, it is the follow-up option.

Time is of the essence, and it is important to concentrate on those who are more likely to do business with you. You have a better chance of success with the second option because the potential customer already knows who you are, your offer, and has expressed interest in signing up with you.

Isn’t that better than speaking and trying to convince new people? You are more likely to seal a deal with a lead that you followed -up on. Working efficiently can help you build your network marketing business. That’s why you should consider following up with prospects – it is strategic and helps you make the best use of your time.

A Follow-up Saves You From Being Sidetracked

People are occupied. They have families, work, and other responsibilities to think about. Besides, there are many other businesses seeking their attention. So, it’s possible for people to get distracted and not remember your offer.

You have probably also done the same thing. Chances are that you have forgotten about someone’s offer and did not reply to their messages. You no longer remember their offer until they contact you again.

Following up with your prospect gets them thinking about becoming part of your network. It is an effective way of presenting your offer, so they are considering it again. You need customers’ attention if you want them to be focused on your offer. So, follow up with them either through a phone call or a physical meeting and tell them about your offer again.

Do You Follow-up With Your Potential Customers?

You need to give more attention to people who express interest in joining your network. So, try to include following up in your network marketing strategy. Not following up can make you lose great opportunities to grow your network.

The good news is that if you begin to do follow-up with your prospect and do it properly, you will begin to see results pretty soon. Your network will expand more quickly, your business relationships will become stronger, and your revenue will skyrocket.

And with time, following up will become part and parcel of you.


There is no specific amount of time that the follow-up process would take. It could be a few days, weeks, months, or even years before your prospects eventually decide to become part of your network. Don’t ever doubt your ability to build a successful network marketing business. And you don’t have to wait until you have assembled a team before you begin to see yourself as a leader or act like one. The quicker you act and behave like a leader, the sooner your community will expand.

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