How To Utilize Our Surrogate And Egg Donor Referral Program

As you probably know, Physician’s Surrogacy offers a referral program where we give up to $800-$1000 to people who direct qualified surrogate and egg donor candidates to us. Since we’re constantly looking for compassionate women who want to help others complete their families, we created this program to show gratitude for the selfless women you send our way. Although you may have no problem attracting potential surrogates as an ex-surrogate, we think that you may be unfamiliar with the recruiting process. It’s also possible that you might feel overwhelmed by the idea of recruiting and not even know how to get started. So, we have created a support network to educate you on how to recruit and refer potential surrogates to our surrogacy program.

What is the Surrogate Referral Program?

For every potential surrogate that comes to Physician’s Surrogacy through you, you will have the chance to get a bonus of $1,000. When your candidate completes our screening process, you will receive the amounts as promised. You will get a reward of $1,000 for each successful applicant that passes the screening process. The money will be paid in three different milestones, but you can receive the first milestone of $200 within 14 days of your candidate completing her application on our website. You can actually make a lot of money through referral bonuses! We hope you will be interested in sharing this message with your colleagues, friends, and acquaintances. Note: Every candidate you referred to our program needs to fulfill our surrogate requirements. If you already know someone that fits the bill, please tell her to submit a surrogate application on our website. Ensure that she puts down your name as her referral source when completing her application. Once she is invited to our facility for a psychosocial screening, she also needs to tell the social worker that you are the person who referred her to us. Current surrogate mothers can also inform their program coordination team if they have referred an applicant to our program.

How The Referral Program Helps Former Surrogates, IPs and Referral Partners

Since a lot of intended parents are opting for our surrogacy program nowadays, we are always looking for new surrogates to make sure we have enough. To enable more people to create their dream families, we’re offering a referral program to allow anybody to refer any healthy, qualified surrogate to start our screening process at Physician’s Surrogacy.

The Surrogate Referral Program at Physician’s Surrogacy 

If you know any woman looking to become a surrogate mother, please refer them to our surrogacy agency. Make sure that she provides your name and contact details when filling out our online application. Once your candidate becomes matched with intended parents, signs a surrogacy contract, and is medically cleared to go ahead with the journey, we will give you a referral bonus to show our appreciation.

We Have a Lot of Intended Parents Waiting to Be Matched!

One thing the pandemic has taught people is that family is everything. At present, we have a lot of intended parents waiting to begin their families…. So we are in dire need of wonderful surrogates to help these people achieve their parenthood dreams! As an ex-surrogate, you have already helped create another family, but there is one more way you can help: by referring other compassionate women to become surrogates with Physician’s Surrogacy! And you also get to earn a lot of money as you do!

How To Find Surrogates for Referral

You will probably see prospective surrogates wherever there are women with a strong desire to help others. This gives you an opportunity to make money by just getting in touch with other selfless women you already know.
  • Talk to your friends and female family members to know if they are interested in becoming a surrogate or know a person who might be.
  • Contact women showing interest in surrogacy on social media and persuade them to reach out to Physician’s Surrogacy.
  • Go out and meet new people! Share posts about your surrogacy journey and tell your friends about your wonderful intended parents. Tell people about Physician’s Surrogacy and how we guide and support you through your journey, and ask other women if they have ever considered becoming surrogate mothers.
  • Try to drag your surrogacy journey and pregnancy into discussions. And if a woman says that she loved being pregnant, tell her that you enjoyed pregnancy so much that you decided to carry babies for others.
  • Don’t hesitate to tell them all the freedom surrogacy offers you – a flexible schedule and the ability to stay at home with your children – and let them know the advantages of becoming a surrogate mom!
  • Let them know why you chose Physician’s Surrogacy – quick matching process, high surrogate compensation, and physician-owned and managed surrogacy agency. Nobody knows about egg donation and surrogacy like the people who have experienced it themselves.
  • Be open, friendly, and approachable. Putting on a smile can make them think that you are really happy to share your surrogacy experiences.
  • Make sure to tag Physician’s Surrogacy if you wish to narrate your experiences on social media and set your posts regarding surrogacy to public. Always remember not to share any identifying information about your hopeful parent (s).
  • Try to join as many surrogacy groups on Facebook as possible! Most of the people in these groups have already decided to become a surrogate. They are just looking for the “best” surrogacy agency to partner with. Feel free to share your experiences with Physician’s Surrogacy on these groups and the advantages of working with a physician-operated surrogacy agency.
When referring people to us, don’t bother yourself about whether they will be admitted to our surrogacy referral program or not. It is our duty to screen your candidates and select who will make a good surrogate! However, we will appreciate all your referrals and the trust you have in us, even if your candidate is not eligible to be our surrogate mother. Even if the person does not meet our requirements, we will still be grateful you shared your experiences and helped other people know about the wonderful journey of surrogacy. By narrating your experiences, you are helping bring more people to help others build a family, and that’s what we are passionate about at Physician’s Surrogacy. For each successful surrogate you refer to us, there is a family you are helping to build and a relationship you are helping to establish.

The Referral Process

Education is Important

There are three different ways we help prepare you to recruit new surrogate mothers. Firstly, we have a Facebook group where you can get the answer to any questions and learn from other people who have successfully recruited surrogates! Plus, every month, we host live group coaching phone or video calls and share prerecorded educational phone messages every quarter of the year. You don’t pay any money to participate in any of those, and we discuss a wide range of topics.

Show Yourself in The Best Light

Potential surrogates may be drawn to you since you have already gone through the surrogacy journey. You will realize that a lot of women have thought about surrogacy but don’t know where to start. You may also find out that some women are not actually interested in becoming surrogate mothers themselves but know someone who may be interested in surrogacy.

Leverage Personal Relationship

Having a personal relationship with an ex-surrogate brings about a level of familiarity that allows these two groups of women to ask questions. Telling these women about your surrogacy journey will make them see you as a resource they can talk to. There are different ways you can begin these conversations. Sure, your protruded tummy from surrogacy can be a good icebreaker, but it will go away after some time. Using surrogacy bumper stickers, t-shirts, or window clings can also help start a conversation. Sharing your surrogacy journey on Facebook and Twitter and using the right hashtags can also help unfamiliar people to see you and provide an opportunity to communicate with each other.

Where to Look

It’s possible that you don’t know the right woman to refer to us, and that’s fine. Your referral doesn’t have to be your closest friend to make a good surrogacy candidate. So, where do you find qualified women? Start by looking at the women around you. If you have many like-minded women around you, there is a higher probability that you are already surrounded by people you can direct to us. You can also find moms who will be great surrogates at places such as grocery store checkout lines, playgrounds, or playgroups. Dragging your experiences as surrogate mothers into discussions can also help kick-start a conversation that can result in a successful referral.


  • Don’t be shy to tell people about your surrogacy journey, and ask others if they have ever considered becoming surrogate mothers.
  • Begin conversations by dragging your surrogacy journey into discussions. And if a woman says that she loved being pregnant, tell her that you enjoyed pregnancy so much that you decided to carry babies for other people
  • Appear friendly. Putting on a smile can make them think that you are really happy to share your surrogacy experiences.
  • If you wish to narrate your experience on social media, make sure to set your posts regarding surrogacy to be public. And don’t ever share private information about your hopeful parents.
  • Join a lot of surrogacy groups on Facebook! Many of the people in these groups are already interested in surrogacy and just need that dose of motivation to get started.


Again, don’t bother yourself about whether your referral will pass our screening process. We understand that it’s not easy to become our surrogate at Physician’s Surrogacy, but it is our responsibility to screen applications and select who fulfills our surrogate criteria. All we are asking you to do is refer interested women to us. We assure you that we’ll show appreciation for every person you refer, even if they are not eventually accepted into our surrogacy program. We will tell you about our surrogate referral program once you complete your final screenings with Physician’s Surrogacy. You will learn about the things you can do to help tell other people about surrogacy. Maintaining a surrogacy blog and posting about it on social media are also excellent ideas that can help you make a huge amount of money while impacting other people’s lives. For each successful surrogate you refer to us, you are helping to change her life and helping others achieve their dream of becoming parents.  
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