How to Create an Effective Daily Method of Operations

What is DMO?

A daily method of operation (or DMO) is a set of tasks you need to be doing every day in your business to ensure growth and continue generating income. It is easy to think productively, make important decisions, and perform actions when you have a laid-out plan. To put it more simply, DMO is a practice, ritual, or routine you follow daily to scale up your business.

Every entrepreneur needs to have a DMO (daily method of operation) to achieve success in their business. Without a clearly-defined DMO, you will find it difficult to get important things done every day, leaving you broke. Having a DMO enables you to concentrate on activities that will generate income for you. You will also be able to carry out crucial things before getting immersed in trivial tasks when you have a DMO.

How DMO Helps in Network Marketing

One of the best ways to stay focused in any kind of business is to create a daily method of operation and a routine that you follow every day. The lack of good work habits and behaviors and/or the wasting of time on unnecessary tasks are major causes of unproductivity. In order to create an effective DMO, you first need to develop a daily routine. And if you just want to adjust your current daily routine and DMO, it is important to figure out why the present one is ineffective and what needs changing. Ditching the old routine can allow you to create a new one that improves your behavior, connects you to your purpose, and keeps you on the track towards achieving your most important goals. Developing behaviors that align with your goals will make it easy to achieve them.

With a DMO, you will be able to do the things that are important for your business and focus on income-generating tasks. A DMO lays the groundwork that you can build up every single day to get results. The good news is that these daily tasks don’t take much time, and the results will multiply over time. Within one or two weeks of using a DMO, you will begin to develop a rhythm that will allow you to perform tasks more easily.

To create your DMO, you first need to figure out the top 3 to 4 tasks in your business that will generate income. If you run your business from home, that will probably include:

  • Getting in touch with prospects (leads) through phone, email, or social media
  • Pitching yourself to new customers either through paid ads or by promoting yourself on social media
  • Carrying out orders
  • Making new products and services to remain competitive in the market

After completing the important tasks in your DMO, you can then decide to do extra work in the business, like checking emails or watching training videos.

DMO (daily method of operation) is the key to taking your business to a higher level. So, if you are yet to have a DMO, make sure to set one up and follow it!

Don’t forget to make your DMO simple and implement it to achieve success in your network marketing business.

Some Tips for DMO

Although the tips below are meant for the network marketing business, they can be applied to almost anything, even things that are not business-related.

Below are some tips to follow when creating a DMO:

  • Step (I): Get a piece of paper or open a word document on your pc and get ready to think.
  • Step (II): Write down the important things that fetch you the most money in your business. Those are the things you need to do first. Which of your top strategies earns you money the quickest?
  • Step (III): Determine how much work you can do daily time-wise.
  • Step (IV): Calculate how much time each of the important tasks that fetch you the most money would take.
  • Step (V): After doing the crucial tasks, perform the other activities that will help your business, but will not earn you quick money, such as training, personal development, website modifications, analyzing results, etc.
  • Step (VI): Go through it and ensure that all the crucial things are included and are within your work time frame for the day. Be sure that the estimated time for each task is reasonable.
  • Step (VII): Place the DMO at a place where you can easily see it every day. Try to be consistent and stick to it every workday.
  • Step (VIII): Do not include more than two marketing steps in your DMO. It is important to know which marketing strategies give you the best results and focus all your time on understanding only them.

One mistake many entrepreneurs tend to make is that they try out every marketing strategy they see. Although you may need to do this in the beginning, there’s no need to try and learn all marketing strategies in existence because you won’t be able to master any of them and just have little knowledge about each of them.

For instance, if your marketing strategies were solo ads and videos, you would have to create a video every day, send it out, and do a little solo ad every day to attract new customers. If you like to blog and chat with prospects on social media instead, then create a blog daily, market it to rank, and chat with about 5 to 10 leads daily on social media every workday.


DMO is a schedule of tasks you need to do every day to grow your business. It refers to the activities you perform every day, not just a schedule for a particular day. Chances are that you already have some kind of DMO that you follow every morning, including eating breakfast, taking a shower, brushing your teeth, and getting dressed up.

You probably also have a DMO for the evening time, even if it is only a series of activities you do before going to bed. Creating a DMO is an absolute must in order to scale your network market business and continue making passive income.

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