Network Marketing Team Building

Also known as pyramid marketing, network marketing is a type of business that relies on independent salespeople selling to other people, usually from their homes. Hence, as a network marketer, you need to build a network of distributors or sales agents to help close sales and generate new leads.

Good team building is crucial to running a successful network marketing business. It creates a sense of achievement by combining various skills from different individuals and maximizing strengths to help each member perform at the best of their abilities. Individual team members motivate each other, and this helps promote a sense of belonging and connection. You are likely to achieve success more quickly if you work together as a team instead of trying to do everything on your own. You will be stronger as a team. Team members support each other, help each other, and come up with new ideas together. A great team will always perform better than a single person because the synergy creates momentum that gets everybody going forward together.

Network Team Building Strategies

For a network marketing business to be successful, all the members must be united, share the same dream, and have the motivation to make that dream come true. Also, all members need to have common, measurable goals and be willing to carry out their roles to help the group succeed.

Here are some valuable tips for building an effective and profitable network marketing team

1. Begin to Act as If You ”Have A Team” – Even If You Are Yet to Build One…

You want to start acting like you are building a large organization. Your primary aim is to concentrate on looking for people who are willing to go on this exciting journey with you. Picture yourself leading meetings and identifying team members, and begin to behave like you are already a leader of a huge network marketing team.

This simple act of doing and visualization will make your mind start believing that you lead a huge team, which will help you get new thoughts and imagine new possibilities.

2. Teach

Teach other people to do the things you do! If you fail to do so, they will forever be dependent on you! And you don’t want that! When a new member asks you a question, refer them to a tool that will help them find the answer. It is better to show your team members the right way to go and empower them instead of just enabling them.

Make sure that you are someone that can be copied so that your business will continue to thrive even in your absence.

3. Protect Your Time

Do not give a teammate the chance to waste your time. You cannot allow that as a network marketer. If a person is usually seeking advice but never makes use of it, tell them to do some research about it.
You need to protect your time and only use it for the right teammates who are productive and doing the necessary things to become successful. If not, you may be frustrated, tired, and willing to give up.

4. Stop Looking for Recognition

Instead of striving for recognition, try to uplift other people. Network marketing is not always smooth-sailing, so you need to empower others and support their growth. Be in charge of your own team training, webinars, and calls. When you are at an event, pick out a team member and tell their story, and this will help them grow significantly.

5. Don’t Assume

One common mistake network marketers make when is that they assume that other people are as passionate as they are. You need to ask every new member why they signed up with you and what they expected to gain from the business. Don’t forget to love and respond to those who will eventually use your products. Your business depends on them, so ensure that you are respectful toward them. Be welcoming to anyone who wishes to join up with you, whether the person is a business prospect or an end-user. Plus, never make any assumptions about anyone simply because they said the extra cash could help. Even if they mentioned that, they may decide to withdraw at any point. The number of people using a product will always be more than the number of people interested in growing a business.

6. Stop Motivating People…. Inspire!

A lot of network markets don’t know how to motivate their team. First of all, you need to note that everyone begins at a different level. While some people want to grow their business so badly, some want to treat it as a hobby. You have to show love to all members, but spend most of your time inspiring the team members who are willing to go for it! You want to be beside them any time they are in action. The best way to spur them on is to get them making money soon. When they realize how simple it is to follow the system, get the skills, and make money, they will begin to copy you. However, you need to continue motivating and guiding them through your actions.

7. Avoid Being Too Pushy…. Digress

Don’t try to make someone join a team or purchase a product if they do not wish to. Forcing someone to become a part of your network will only create a bad impression.

Instead, begin to ask every new team member questions like:

  • Why did you become a part of the team?
  • What did you expect to gain?
  • Are you really in need of those things?
  • How will you get freedom if you are not successful with this?
  • Do those things matter to you?

8. Recognize Other People 

People like to feel good about themselves.

They like to be in the spotlight, even though some may say otherwise people want to be appreciated for every little effort they make. So you need to ensure that you are recognizing the people that are doing what is expected of them. Help other people to realize how great they can be!

9. Invest

We cannot stress this enough! It’s very important to invest a lot of time and money if you want to be successful in your network marketing business. You need to learn all the necessary things to make headway in this line of business. Ask yourself: what are you ready to give up now to be where you wish to be in the next 2 to 3 years? Education is important to be able to offer more value to your team member. The more knowledge you have about your craft, the more valuable you become to your team. So keep learning so that you can keep sharing!

10. Don’t Give Advice Unless You are Asked

Don’t treat your team members as if you are their boss. Avoid telling them what to do. Instead, only provide advice and train them by sharing your own experience or telling stories. It will make a significant difference in how they will receive the training!


The simplest way to build a productive team is to look for people who have the same values and visions as you and help them reach their goals. You cannot succeed at network marketing if you don’t know how to build relationships.

So you must be able to communicate and engage with each of your team members. Also, note that your team members are not your workers and treat each one equally. Plus, when adding new members to the team, ensure that you know why they became a part of your network and ask about their expectations from the business.

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